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organic farming, healthy eating, culinary herb seeds, lavender bundles

INSPIRATION…it started with a vision…easily accessible safe food seeds!

We love organic gardening and we were always looking for untreated seeds that were not genetically altered. In 1998, we founded Zziggysgal, determined to provide other home gardeners with high quality safe seeds. We continue that commitment to this day.

EATING HEALTHY…we enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients!

Gardening is both fun and therapeutic and our 12 herbs set is very popular because you can grow herbs indoors all year long.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX…flowers & chocolate is sooo cliché…lavender sachets are in!

We make them fresh-to-order for you. Originally created as a Mother’s Day gift, our beautiful lavender sachets and lavender products are both pretty and practical. 


CUSTOMER SERVICE...We appreciate your business and are dedicated to giving you excellent service with a personal touch! If you are not fully satisfied, please feel free to contact us so that we can give you the great customer service you deserve. 

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